Pimps Of Joytime [Interview]

JUKESTONE COVER For WebA hard-partying blend of Prince’s outrageous sexiness, Jamiroquai’s penchant for funky grooves, and Jimi Hendrix’s heart, balls, and swagger, the upcoming Pimps of Joytime album Jukestone Paradise is going to be the soundtrack to nights full of fun and regret for a good many funk fans following its April 21 release. TMMP caught up with lead vocalist and guitarist Brian J to get a track-by-track breakdown of Jukestone Paradise, and talk memories, motivation, and ambition…

What are your earliest musical memories?

There was great music in my house from as early as I can remember. Chuck Berry was my dude.

How did Pimps of Joytime come to be?

Out of my desire to create a project that was fun but has depth as well.

Describe each of the tracks on Jukestone Paradise [reviewed on TMMP here] in one sentence each.

Red Golden: I love the blues, and this track I get into a kind of juke joint vibe – but then the chorus hits with a poppy psychedelic electronic vibe and a taste of New Orlean​s​. One of the most uniquely produced songs on the album, and the song I wanted to start the album with to push the band in a new direction.

Dance Cardia: I bust out the falsetto on this one with a four on the floor dance beat. Alex Toth brought his quirky creativity to this one with his songwriting and horn playing. It’s a song when we perform live that gets the room moving.

Waiting for my Ride: I first wrote this song when I was in my hitchhiking soul searching phase of life. I reworked the groove and some lyrics.

Heart Is Wild: We have been playing this song for a few years, so it’s nice to finally put it on a record and put it out there. Our homie Chauncey Yearwood makes a special appearance at the end of the track and brings his infectious energy.

Sky: Sky is another tune from my soul searching days. It’s a spiritual uplifting tune about finding a source of inspiration at a dark time. Ivan Neville puts a nice vibe on piano/B3, and we recorded together in New Orleans, and Mayteana really adds unbelievable solos at the end of the track. Really elevates the tune! One of our favorites to perform live!

Cut Off: This song is about when you mess up one too many times.

The Jump: This is influenced by the north Mississippi hill country blues vibe. I took that, sped it up, and brought some electronic elements for fun pretty much.

Body Party: This tune was written by my homie Anthony Cole, who is an amazing musician and drummer in JJ Grey & Mofro. I discovered a bunch of demos he made in the early 90s when he visited my studio while I was working on Jukestone and became quite enamored. Mayteana takes the leads in the chorus with me singing falsetto in the chorus. This is a room shaker, crowd pleaser, giving the people what they want kind of tune! Try to stand still when this song is one. Dare ya!

Dank Janky: Is about a mythical funk guru who lives in the hills and comes to town once a year to buy whiskey and pick up an envelope in a secret location. It’s got the eccentric funk vibe with a harmonic sample that I recorded with a psychedelic style guitar solo that haven’t done in the past records.

Freedom Dancer: We’ve been playing this tune almost from the get go. It’s a heavy funk thing with some soulful type vocals on it. The song is about overcoming obstacles and finding your inner funk force. We recorded this similar to the live experience letting the song ride with the extended dance section at the end, and if you make it to the end we tie the whole album together with nice reprise. Listen closely!

What inspires you?


What keeps you motivated?

The music part of things just seems to happen. I could not stop if I tried. The business and the hustle part is inspired by the drive to succeed, make some dough and tour on a bigger level.

Beyond your album release on April 21st, what do you have planned for the rest of 2015?

There’s a remix EP and a live record in the works, and [we’ll] keep rockin’ shows.

What’s your greatest ambition?

To make great music that moves people on a soul level, and to become a music innovator.


Check out TMMP’s review of Jukestone Paradise here.

Pimps of Joytime official website.

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