Exist Immortal – ‘Darkness Of An Age (Deluxe Edition)’ [Review]

exist immortal darkness deluxeSometimes a band’s endorsements say it all. Exist Immortal affiliates Chapman Guitars have made a name for themselves as supporters of a new generation of fresh-thinking musicians – and so it comes as no surprise that this tech-heavy album stands as a prime example of that generation’s capabilities.

Exist Immortal do with their influences what this guy does with everything from iPhones to hockey pucks. Meshuggah. Fear Factory. Devin Townsend. Will they blend? Apparently so – and further than that, they blend together fucking perfectly. Check out Edge of Infinity‘s alternations between brutal djenty beatdowns and soaring, skybound melodies for proof. Or there’s the bottomless groove pit otherwise known as The Void. That one’s as heavy as God’s balls.

Still unsatisfied? Jesus: the first 15 seconds of Imperator; the borderline retarded lead guitar in the background a minute into Desolace; the tasty solo at 2:13 during Embrace the Cycle; the unfuckwithable Liberator; the fractured crush of Delirium; the awesomely chilled deluxe-edition closer Insanity Project pt.2 (complete with heartbreakingly vulnerable falsetto vocals)…I rest my case.


Links / Listen

Exist Immortal on Facebook and Twitter.

Chapman Guitars official website.

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