The Hyena Kill [Live Review – The Stillery, Camden, 31/3/2015]

hyena kill stilleryLast damp and windy night, few sounds in Camden were as inviting as the loud, raucous rock’n’roll blasting from the Stillery. To be fair, there wasn’t much competition bar a handful of idiots driveby-harassing women, and a couple having a bust-up in the street – but Wicked Snakes would still have come out on top had the competition been much stiffer. Wicked Snakes deal in no-bullshit rock music in the same Zep-meets-Queens-of-the-Stone-Age vein as Them Crooked Vultures – and they do it damn well.

The Hyena Kill’s latest release, Blisters/Still Sick (reviewed on TMMP here) comes very, very highly recommended – and this set also took in a tour of their harsh and gritty back catalogue. Vocalist/guitarist Steven Dobb did a fine job despite a cold and looking like he’d have been better off at home with a movie and some Lemsip, while drummer Lorna Blundell was really on fire. Seeing that level of technique, taking in pristinely clean runs and flawless fills, in a rock/post-hardcore context pushed this set over the top for me.

With winning songs, plenty of passion, great riffs, grit, determination, and a formidable powerhouse drummer, the Hyena Kill proved their worth at the Stillery. Fuck yes.


The Hyena Kill official website.

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