About TMMP

A comfort zone is a beautiful place – but nothing ever grows there.

At TMMP, self-suffocating genre-based prejudices are given the finger and replaced with adventure, discovery, and fascination. This is not the place for sameness, repetition, or musical clichés; TMMP is all about forward-thinking explorers, deep-reaching brilliance, and bringing both to your attention regardless of surface appearances or where an act stands in the increasingly obsolete ‘Mainstream / Underground’ hierarchy.

Browse TMMP’s archives and you’ll find not just rock and pop acts, but full-on progheads, metal crossbreeds of all kinds, gypsy jazz, folk, classical, dance, jazz, hip-hop, electro-swing, operas starring Japanese pop stars who don’t exist, and every other creative inclination imaginable. You’ll even find bands who consistently evade categorisation. Whatever your taste is, there’s something fresh for you here.

In return, all I ask is this: If you find something on here that blows your mind, be sure to share it.

Oh, and follow TMMP on Twitter: https://twitter.com/musicmeltingpot

Thanks for reading!


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