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Pimps Of Joytime [Interview]

JUKESTONE COVER For WebA hard-partying blend of Prince’s outrageous sexiness, Jamiroquai’s penchant for funky grooves, and Jimi Hendrix’s heart, balls, and swagger, the upcoming Pimps of Joytime album Jukestone Paradise is going to be the soundtrack to nights full of fun and regret for a good many funk fans following its April 21 release. TMMP caught up with lead vocalist and guitarist Brian J to get a track-by-track breakdown of Jukestone Paradise, and talk memories, motivation, and ambition…

What are your earliest musical memories?

There was great music in my house from as early as I can remember. Chuck Berry was my dude.

How did Pimps of Joytime come to be?

Out of my desire to create a project that was fun but has Continue reading

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The Hyena Kill [Interview]

hyena kill stilleryWith a hotly tipped Hyena Kill showcase happening in London at the Stillery tomorrow evening, vocalist/guitarist Steven Dobb and TMMP got talking about said show, chaos, and swimming with sharks…

You have a showcase in London coming up tomorrow. How’re you feeling about it?

Really excited; every time we come and play in London it’s always an awesome show. Wicked Snakes are an incredible band as well – can’t wait to see them live.

How do you feel about the reception your new release Blisters / Still Sick [reviewed on TMMP here] has received so far?

It’s been really good. Both tracks are a bit more heavier and chaotic than our previous stuff so it’s good to see people getting into it and getting on board with Continue reading

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Princess Slayer [Interview]

princess slayer ep launch showI’ve never made a secret of my love for Princess Slayer’s music. Watching this Guildfordian EDM duo evolve since their emergence onto the UK’s music scene has been a fun and gratifying experience – and very soon, their new EP Living will be ready to make a permanent home in your ear canals. TMMP caught up with vocalist Casey Lim and drummer Vince Welch to talk Living, live music, and happiness…

Your new EP Living is coming out soon. How’re you feeling about that fast-approaching release date?

Excited! A lot of hard work has gone into the creation of this EP. It starts with us writing the songs but we wouldn’t be able to share our work with anyone without the help of our team. So, we feel a lot of gratitude and pride.

Is there an underlying theme behind Living?

Yes. The songs are about different stages and aspects of life and how we experience it as individuals. In a nutshell, Living is about Continue reading

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The Kut [Interview]

The Kut PromoWith the Kut’s brand new EP Rock Paper Scissors set to drop in just a few weeks’ time, TMMP caught up with Kut vocalist/guitarist Maha to talk happiness, passion, psychology, and what 2015 holds for this inventive alt-rock trio…

Hey – thanks for taking the time to do this! So…what makes you happy?

Hey, thanks for having us for a chat. Wow, that’s a tough starter. If I said I don’t know, would that be going in too deep?

I know lots of things I think will make me happy, but they are all short lived and then followed by Continue reading

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Dorje [Exclusive Interview]

dorje tourShortly before they stepped onstage and owned Guildfordian alternative music hotspot the Boileroom for the duration of a sick set reviewed in full here, TMMP caught up with fast-rising British alt-metallers Dorje for an exclusive and rare off-camera chat… Continue reading

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Giacomo Pope [Interview]

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 10.30.17In 2014, one of my favourite discoveries was a band called Chronographs. A former tech-metal act who had turned their attention to math rock and were pushing out one track a month, Chronographs had everything a band need to capture a listener’s attention and imagination. Unfortunately, a few months later Chronographs were put on hold following the amicable departure of their vocalist.

Since that time, Chronographs guitarist Giacomo (Jack) Pope has remained busy, and is now Continue reading

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Miss Vincent [Interview]

miss vincentWith Takedown Festival commencing in approximately 24 hours, Guildfordian punk upstarts Miss Vincent got talking to TMMP about Takedown, the time their vocalist fell offstage, and the meaning of punk… Continue reading

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Black Peaks [Interview]

black peaks glass built castlesAs one of the UK rock scene’s most hotly-hyped bands of right now, Black Peaks are a band you’ve probably at least heard of, and definitely need to hear. Talked up with huge enthusiasm by Jamie Lenman during a recent TMMP interview, behind the praise and acclaim Black Peaks are more than a mere “hype band”. On record and onstage, Black Peaks have Continue reading

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Ashestoangels [Interview]

ashestoangels pressWith Takedown Festival on the horizon, there are many reasons to get excited for this weekend. Goth-punk superstars-in-waiting Ashestoangels are one such reason. TMMP caught up with Ashestoangels frontman Crilly to talk creativity, memories, and the time his band almost demolished a music venue… Continue reading

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