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twothirtytwo – ‘Stray’ [Review]

twothirtytwo straytwothirtytwo (no capitalisation required) are an intriguing prospect. Stray takes in traces of Hell Is For Heroes, Rage Against The Machine, Middle Class Rut, and classic mournful synthpop, leaving a sour but moreish aftertaste. Knowing how hard twothirtytwo go when Continue reading

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Exist Immortal – ‘Darkness Of An Age (Deluxe Edition)’ [Review]

exist immortal darkness deluxeSometimes a band’s endorsements say it all. Exist Immortal affiliates Chapman Guitars have made a name for themselves as supporters of a new generation of fresh-thinking musicians – and so it comes as no surprise that this tech-heavy album stands as a prime example of that generation’s capabilities.

Exist Immortal do with their influences what this guy does with everything from iPhones to hockey pucks. Meshuggah. Fear Factory. Devin Townsend. Will they blend? Apparently so – and further than that, they Continue reading

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Heights – ‘Phantasia On The High Processions Of Sun, Moon And Countless Stars Above’ [Review]

heights phantasiaAccording to the press info which accompanied this album’s descent into the depths of TMMP’s black hole-like inbox, this album’s title is “…longer than one of Kim Kardashian’s marriages.” No argument there. As for the music itself, Heights’ latest opus comes close to equalling anything Kardashian-related in terms of sheer drama and excess, while simultaneously being infinitely more interesting.

Heights’ facility with prog rock’s core components (odd time signatures, stacked-like-Jenga-blocks polyrhythms, none-more-syncopated riffs and melodies, the delicate balance of flamboyance and deeper meaning, etc) has been well documented over the course of previous releases Salvation and TrepidationFrom Sea to Sky, and Trick of the Light. Throw in Continue reading

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Cambion – ‘Virus (Extended Edition)’ [Review]

unnamedKatana-sharp guitar tones, throat-scarring vocals, über-polished production, one-click kicks, punchy nut-tight polyrhythms and searing solos – all are present and correct on Virus, an eight-stage set of immense tech-metal tracks. It’s unlikely your grandmother will warm to Continue reading

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Ben Williams – ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ [Review]

image003Although singer-songwriters are a dime a dozen-to-the-power-of-X, Ben Williams is an exceptional talent. A decorated sessioneer with a spectacular CV (including gigs with Continue reading

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Breaking Benjamin – ‘Failure’ [Review]

breaking benjamin failure bannerWhen a band reaches the seventeen-year-career mark, one would expect them to become either washed out, or bloated to unsustainable excess. Happily, Breaking Benjamin are walking the rarely-mastered rock’n’roll tightrope with Continue reading

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Pimps Of Joytime – ‘Jukestone Paradise’ [Review]

JUKESTONE COVER For WebEver wondered what it would sound like if Prince jammed with James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, and Jamiroquai? Well, Jukestone Paradise is about as close as you’re going to come without resorting to a classic-internet-era mashup. Pimps of Joytime know how to bring the fun, employing Continue reading

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Muse – ‘Psycho’ / ‘Dead Inside’ [Double Review]

unnamed (3)Muse’s fast-approaching new album Drones is set to be a stunner. Devon’s finest have reached a point of the finest refinement, capable of stripping down to rock’n’roll basics (as on Psycho) or just as easily turning up the sleek, slick electronic sexiness of a tune like Dead Inside. Muse are well known for Continue reading

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John Brown’s Body – ‘Kings And Queens In Dub’ [Review]

john browns body kings queensWhen all the strains and stresses of the modern world get on top of you, few entertainment options leave you really relaxed. I’m totally into the intense and hectic end of the musical spectrum – but even I’ll admit that sometimes it’s not the right thing at the right time. When I’ve just about had enough, dub and reggae do Continue reading

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