To submit your music, all you have to do is email the relevant download and / or streaming links, biographies, social media page links (especially Twitter and Facebook), cover art, press shots, and any other relevant material to:

Unfortunately, due to high email volumes I’m not able to review every release I’m asked to review, or reply to every email I receive. A non-reply should not be taken as a personal insult, a comment on your musical abilities, or a sign that you should give up your dreams and become an accountant.

Seriously – don’t become an accountant.


One thought on “Submissions

  1. Simon Paton says:

    Hello guys
    I saw you reviewed our set in Guildford earlier this year and thought you might be interested in checking out what we are currently up to.
    The band is called Selectric and we are a sextet from London. Our approach is jazz/improv based but never shies away from anything else we can get our hands on such as post-rock, afrobeat, contemporary classical and punk rock. For fans of unique bands such as Acoustic Ladyland, Pigbag and Jaga Jazzist. The unique instrumentation features drums, electric bass, guitar, violin, keyboards, clarinet, trumpet and saxophone is part of what, I think, makes us stand out. As well as our interest in exploring improvisation and composition, we are also big suckers for riffs and hooks, and that shows in our music.
    We are playing our launch gig at Power Lunches in Dalston on 11th Feb and are also going on tour this month.
    If you are interested in giving it a listen and mention, do feel free to give me a reply back with who to send it to and I will send you/them a download code and a press release. You can hear our music here and our tour dates are here If you go to and enter this code fa52-gecj it has a free download of our music you can listen to.
    Thanks for reading
    Simon Paton (Selectric)

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