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twothirtytwo – ‘Stray’ [Review]

twothirtytwo straytwothirtytwo (no capitalisation required) are an intriguing prospect. Stray takes in traces of Hell Is For Heroes, Rage Against The Machine, Middle Class Rut, and classic mournful synthpop, leaving a sour but moreish aftertaste. Knowing how hard twothirtytwo go when Continue reading

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Therapy? / Triggerfinger / Thirty Six Strategies [Live Review – The Scala, London, 1/4/2015]

therapy pressThis wasn’t so much a show as a celebration. Judging from the pre-show chatter, Therapy have been very sorely missed – and when their set came around, it was easy to see why. Before that, Thirty Six Strategies opened the night up with a set that was cool and passionate, although to be totally honest the music felt too safe. That may seem an odd word to use in the context of punk-oriented rock, but the fact is that thousands of bands are pursuing exactly the same direction as Thirty Six Strategies right now. As instrumentalists, TSS are good, and their lyrics hint at tough, hard-knock experiences – but given that no two life experiences are precisely the same, it would be awesome to hear those experiences expressed in an idiosyncratic way with a generous helping of weirdness.

It’s one thing to refuse to conform to the standards of mainstream society – but it’s a whole other game to break away from the standards of literally everyone else, and forge your own 100% individual path. That’s where the best, most timeless and relevant music gets made – and Thirty Six Strategies certainly have the potential to push into that area.

Triggerfinger were explosive, and one of the most Continue reading

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The Hyena Kill [Live Review – The Stillery, Camden, 31/3/2015]

hyena kill stilleryLast damp and windy night, few sounds in Camden were as inviting as the loud, raucous rock’n’roll blasting from the Stillery. To be fair, there wasn’t much competition bar a handful of idiots driveby-harassing women, and a couple having a bust-up in the street – but Wicked Snakes would still have come out on top had the competition been much stiffer. Wicked Snakes deal in no-bullshit rock music in the same Zep-meets-Queens-of-the-Stone-Age vein as Them Crooked Vultures – and they do it damn well.

The Hyena Kill’s latest release, Blisters/Still Sick (reviewed on TMMP here) comes very, very Continue reading

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The Hyena Kill [Interview]

hyena kill stilleryWith a hotly tipped Hyena Kill showcase happening in London at the Stillery tomorrow evening, vocalist/guitarist Steven Dobb and TMMP got talking about said show, chaos, and swimming with sharks…

You have a showcase in London coming up tomorrow. How’re you feeling about it?

Really excited; every time we come and play in London it’s always an awesome show. Wicked Snakes are an incredible band as well – can’t wait to see them live.

How do you feel about the reception your new release Blisters / Still Sick [reviewed on TMMP here] has received so far?

It’s been really good. Both tracks are a bit more heavier and chaotic than our previous stuff so it’s good to see people getting into it and getting on board with Continue reading

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The Kut [Interview]

The Kut PromoWith the Kut’s brand new EP Rock Paper Scissors set to drop in just a few weeks’ time, TMMP caught up with Kut vocalist/guitarist Maha to talk happiness, passion, psychology, and what 2015 holds for this inventive alt-rock trio…

Hey – thanks for taking the time to do this! So…what makes you happy?

Hey, thanks for having us for a chat. Wow, that’s a tough starter. If I said I don’t know, would that be going in too deep?

I know lots of things I think will make me happy, but they are all short lived and then followed by Continue reading

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Dorje [Exclusive Interview]

dorje tourShortly before they stepped onstage and owned Guildfordian alternative music hotspot the Boileroom for the duration of a sick set reviewed in full here, TMMP caught up with fast-rising British alt-metallers Dorje for an exclusive and rare off-camera chat… Continue reading

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Dorje [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 21/3/2015]

dorje tourWhen Marmozets dropped by the Boileroom last year, there was something in the air at that show. Nothing more tangible than a vibe, but something that left behind a sense of certainty. Cognitive consonance.

At that point, the release of Marmozets’ debut album was sneakily creeping up on the horizon. Marmozets had sweat blood over the previous few years, building up a following the old-school way before signing with Roadrunner. A few singles followed, then that Boileroom show. Then, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets dropped, and Marmozets promptly became “…the future of British rock in 2014.” Now, Marmozets are supporting Muse, and the rest will soon be history.

Dorje are 2015’s answer to Marmozets. A rich and addictive blend of alt-metal influences (think fat and chunky Porcupine Tree riffs, gurn-inducing Incubus grooves, Karnivool-esque odd-meter polyrhythmic complexity, sense-defying guitar solos that bring Alter Bridge to mind, and a vocal which sits somewhere between Devin Townsend and Maynard James Keenan), Dorje’s music is Continue reading

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Therapy? – ‘Disquiet’ [Review]

Screen shot 2015-03-21 at 16.55.26I love this album. It’s dark, it’s dirty, it’s fucked up – and beyond that, its sheer depth and authenticity was enough to win me over from the opening bars of first track Still Hurts. There’s no trace of fakery or posturing here. None at all. Fucking hell.

Therapy?’s latest LP is stuffed full of Continue reading

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Kyshera – ‘Circle’ [Review]

kyshera circleIn the music business, few stories are topped off by a happy ending. Trying times, setbacks, and struggles are common – and more often than not, even the most valiant resistance meets with failure.

This was especially the case during the old days of the music industry, when Continue reading

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