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Eschar / Throatpunch City / Atiptoe / The Deadlights [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 3/4/2015]

eschar album launchOn an average Friday night, the most challenging music you’re likely to encounter will involve a four-to-the-floor kick drum, some cheesy synths, and the chart topping pop puppet of the day warbling over the top. Prog fans on a night out often find themselves hitting a wall beyond which they either choose to go home, or encounter a sudden urge to Continue reading

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Heights – ‘Phantasia On The High Processions Of Sun, Moon And Countless Stars Above’ [Review]

heights phantasiaAccording to the press info which accompanied this album’s descent into the depths of TMMP’s black hole-like inbox, this album’s title is “…longer than one of Kim Kardashian’s marriages.” No argument there. As for the music itself, Heights’ latest opus comes close to equalling anything Kardashian-related in terms of sheer drama and excess, while simultaneously being infinitely more interesting.

Heights’ facility with prog rock’s core components (odd time signatures, stacked-like-Jenga-blocks polyrhythms, none-more-syncopated riffs and melodies, the delicate balance of flamboyance and deeper meaning, etc) has been well documented over the course of previous releases Salvation and TrepidationFrom Sea to Sky, and Trick of the Light. Throw in Continue reading

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Giacomo Pope – ‘Skin’ [Review]

giacomo pope skinGiacomo Pope is a musical chameleon. As an axe-handler for Chronographs, this guy made a name for himself through hyperkinetic tech-metal and (in 2014) complex yet catchy math-rock. Now that Chronographs have been put (hopefully temporarily) on hold following the amicable departure of vocalist Jon Sinfield, Pope has Continue reading

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Eschar – ‘Nova’ [Album Review]

eschar novaAl Heslop of Creative Control Studios seems to be the go-to guy for Surrey and Hampshire’s top instrumental post-rock bands. It wasn’t too long ago that For Astronauts and Satellites dropped their Creative Control-enhanced album A Homing Light – and now long-time TMMP favourites Eschar have their first full-length album ready to go, in the form of Nova. Needless to say, the production suits the music perfectly.

The Eschar name is synonymous with Continue reading

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Eschar – ‘Nova’ [Single Review]

eschar novaAs a long-time Eschar fan, I’ve been looking forward to hearing new music from said band since 2012, when their epic mini-album Elements first saw the light of day. Of course, I’m not alone – Eschar have made a real name for themselves amongst Surrey’s prog-metal diehards, thanks to Continue reading

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Gavin Harrison – ‘Cheating The Polygraph’ [Review]

gavin harrison cheating the polygraphProg is, at times, a strangely divided world. On one side are the true progressives, fiercely determined to push music forward into the future. On the other side stand the stuck-in-the-mud individuals whose primary objective is to cling tenaciously to the ways of the past.

Cheating the Polygraph is guaranteed to ruffle the latter camp’s feathers. A collection of Porcupine Tree songs reworked using Continue reading

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A Sudden Burst Of Colour – ‘Waves Will Rise On Silent Water’ [Review]

a sudden burst of colourInstrumental post-rock can be tough to listen to at times. Even when the vibes are cool, it can quickly become repetitive and dull rather than sublimely hypnotic. This release is definitely the latter though.

Waves Will Rise On Silent Water is an easy album to “get” and chill out to – and A Sudden Burst Of Colour know Continue reading

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Almeida / Atiptoe / Parachute For Gordo / Throatpunch City [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 27/1/15]

boileroom label shocase almeidaFuck Suzuki. Their cars are crap. My formerly faithful four-wheeler failed at completing a function even more basic than going forwards, and refused to even start. While Throatpunch City were getting through their set, I was pretty much doing this:

One train journey later, and Parachute For Gordo were, as always, goddamn incredible. Few instrumental post-rock bands infuse their music with Continue reading

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The Aristocrats – ‘Culture Clash Live!’ [Review]

culture clash live aristocratsGiven that Marco Minnemann’s EEPS was TMMP’s #2 album of 2014, the fact that I love Culture Clash Live! to pieces is probably not that much of a surprise.

For the uninitiated, the Aristocrats are one of the fusion community’s hottest tickets right now. A power trio comprising lead drummist Minnemann, lead bassist Bryan Beller, and axe-wielding maniac Guthrie Govan, the Aristocrats’ collective moniker is synonymous with Continue reading

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