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Pimps Of Joytime [Interview]

JUKESTONE COVER For WebA hard-partying blend of Prince’s outrageous sexiness, Jamiroquai’s penchant for funky grooves, and Jimi Hendrix’s heart, balls, and swagger, the upcoming Pimps of Joytime album Jukestone Paradise is going to be the soundtrack to nights full of fun and regret for a good many funk fans following its April 21 release. TMMP caught up with lead vocalist and guitarist Brian J to get a track-by-track breakdown of Jukestone Paradise, and talk memories, motivation, and ambition…

What are your earliest musical memories?

There was great music in my house from as early as I can remember. Chuck Berry was my dude.

How did Pimps of Joytime come to be?

Out of my desire to create a project that was fun but has Continue reading

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Pimps Of Joytime – ‘Jukestone Paradise’ [Review]

JUKESTONE COVER For WebEver wondered what it would sound like if Prince jammed with James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, and Jamiroquai? Well, Jukestone Paradise is about as close as you’re going to come without resorting to a classic-internet-era mashup. Pimps of Joytime know how to bring the fun, employing Continue reading

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Portico (ft. Jono McCleery) / Sea Stacks / Matt Emery [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 13/3/15]

portico press shotThis past Friday night, Guildford’s residents were offered a prime opportunity to catch three fascinating acts in the act of creating incredible music. It’s rare to experience a gig crammed this full of uncategorizable music – but then, the Boileroom isn’t your average venue. Kudos first has to go to the booking brains behind this show; that kind of talent isn’t Continue reading

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Naomi Scott / Fifi Rong / Geovarn / Princess Slayer / Jungle Doctors / Bella Figura [Live Review – Under The Bridge, London, 26/2/2015]

music week radarAs a music venue embedded into Stamford Bridge (the stadium called home by Chelsea F.C.), Under the Bridge was an appropriately unique venue for this unique show. An industry showcase set up by trade paper Music Week, networking hub MusicConnex, promoters ILUVLIVE, and south coast music school BIMM, it goes without saying that the high-profile nature of this show inevitably brought its own special set of performance pressures. A quality showcase set has the potential to push an act to the next level, while a duff performance can see a band crossed off “Ones To Watch” lists in the blink of an eye.

On top of the potential for mind-freezing attacks of performance anxiety, this was not Continue reading

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Beardyman [Interview]

beardyman pressImagine you’re a beatboxer. You’re pretty good, so you enter the UK Beatbox Championships. You win. You eat, breathe, sleep and sweat beatboxing for a solid year before returning. You win again. Things get a bit crazy. A comedy video you made in a kitchen gets uploaded to YouTube (as freshly purchased by Google). In time, it will attract over 5 million views.

Over the next several years, you take solo beatboxing as far as it can possibly be taken. You play underground comedy clubs, TV shows, festivals. Your YouTube presence grows. You begin experimenting with live looping technology, battling not rival MCs but inefficient circuitry and user interfaces in the name of getting the ideas in your head into other people’s earholes. You find yourself in a studio, recording an eclectic collection of tracks that takes in everything from dubstep and hip-hop to almost every international folk music style recorded by history. Your debut album gets released; it sells nicely.

Finally, you hit on a pair of serious problems.  Continue reading

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