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Exist Immortal – ‘Darkness Of An Age (Deluxe Edition)’ [Review]

exist immortal darkness deluxeSometimes a band’s endorsements say it all. Exist Immortal affiliates Chapman Guitars have made a name for themselves as supporters of a new generation of fresh-thinking musicians – and so it comes as no surprise that this tech-heavy album stands as a prime example of that generation’s capabilities.

Exist Immortal do with their influences what this guy does with everything from iPhones to hockey pucks. Meshuggah. Fear Factory. Devin Townsend. Will they blend? Apparently so – and further than that, they Continue reading

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Cambion – ‘Virus (Extended Edition)’ [Review]

unnamedKatana-sharp guitar tones, throat-scarring vocals, über-polished production, one-click kicks, punchy nut-tight polyrhythms and searing solos – all are present and correct on Virus, an eight-stage set of immense tech-metal tracks. It’s unlikely your grandmother will warm to Continue reading

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Murdock – ‘Dead Lung’ [Review]

AlbumcoverIf it takes 3o years for a genre to be considered “Classic,” then mathcore is more than halfway to grey-hair territory. Considering that Calculating Infinity has been around for 16 years – and mathcore itself can be traced back through Deftones-style alt-metal, seventies prog and fusion bands, odd-meter-loving jazz maestros, and…well…heroin – it’s amazing that Continue reading

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Eschar – ‘Nova’ [Album Review]

eschar novaAl Heslop of Creative Control Studios seems to be the go-to guy for Surrey and Hampshire’s top instrumental post-rock bands. It wasn’t too long ago that For Astronauts and Satellites dropped their Creative Control-enhanced album A Homing Light – and now long-time TMMP favourites Eschar have their first full-length album ready to go, in the form of Nova. Needless to say, the production suits the music perfectly.

The Eschar name is synonymous with Continue reading

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Giacomo Pope [Interview]

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 10.30.17In 2014, one of my favourite discoveries was a band called Chronographs. A former tech-metal act who had turned their attention to math rock and were pushing out one track a month, Chronographs had everything a band need to capture a listener’s attention and imagination. Unfortunately, a few months later Chronographs were put on hold following the amicable departure of their vocalist.

Since that time, Chronographs guitarist Giacomo (Jack) Pope has remained busy, and is now Continue reading

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Eschar – ‘Nova’ [Single Review]

eschar novaAs a long-time Eschar fan, I’ve been looking forward to hearing new music from said band since 2012, when their epic mini-album Elements first saw the light of day. Of course, I’m not alone – Eschar have made a real name for themselves amongst Surrey’s prog-metal diehards, thanks to Continue reading

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Black Peaks [Interview]

black peaks glass built castlesAs one of the UK rock scene’s most hotly-hyped bands of right now, Black Peaks are a band you’ve probably at least heard of, and definitely need to hear. Talked up with huge enthusiasm by Jamie Lenman during a recent TMMP interview, behind the praise and acclaim Black Peaks are more than a mere “hype band”. On record and onstage, Black Peaks have Continue reading

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Grumble Bee – ‘Disconnect’ [Review]

11025350_10203910477067134_927652912_oNine Inch Nails. Tesseract. You Me At Six. Strange stylistic bedfellows maybe, but Grumble Bee (aka ex-PaperPlane man Jack Bennett) has succeeded in welding them all together and creating something you absolutely have to hear immediately.

Two of my favourite TMMP genre categories are “Genre Terrorism” and “Complete Batshit Insanity” – and few acts fit those labels quite as snugly as Continue reading

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